Best Home Weather Station Reviews

Home Weather Stations are becoming increasingly more popular.

It has always been said that predicting the weather isn’t an exact science. Still, meteorologists can get quite close most of the time. For localized information you can’t beat your own Home Weather Station.

Traditionally, meteorologists simply get the data for cities. Digging deeper to the local level, you are pretty much left in the dark. Weather stations for home or farm use have become an essential piece of equipment to record all aspects of the weather in your local environment.

AcuRite 02032CRM Pro home Weather Station

What are Home Weather Stations?

Thermometers, barometers, rain gauges, anemometers and the like have been in the market for some time. Each has its own specific function and works independently. Portable weather stations, on the other hand, are able to consolidate all these features into one. Simply put, it’s a device that can measure 2 or more weather conditions. What’s good about these systems is that they are able to store tons of data which you can analyse at later dates.

What do Home Weather Stations measure?

  • Temperature (thermometer)
  • Wind speed (anemometer)
  • Wind pressure (anemometer)
  • Atmospheric pressure (barometer)
  • Precipitation or rain (rain gauge / ombrometer)
  • Dew / relative humidity (hygrometer)

Who benefits from a Home Weather Station?

People would want to track the weather for all sorts of reasons. Aviation enthusiasts, farmers, and people who participate in various outdoor activities for example, like to track the local weather so as they could prepare their flight plans.

Runners, for their part, would want to know if they can go for a quick jog in the next 12 hours. The same also holds true for athletes of outdoor sports. Predicting if they’d be able to play outdoors is a big help.

Also, those who engage in water sports and activities ought to know this information as wind and rain could adversely affect everything and potentially put their lives at risk.

Aside from specific individuals, industries and entrepreneurs whose livelihood and businesses rely on the weather can also benefit from it. Fishermen and farmers, for example, could plan their day ahead and prepare for any weather anomalies.

There are also practical reasons why owning a home weather station is beneficial. Say you just woke up and are headed to work in a few hours. If you didn’t foresee that there’s a coming rain, you would’ve taken your time in preparing and ended up late due to the traffic. If you did, however, see that the weather seems to be headed in that direction, you could’ve left a little early to compensate.

Whether or not you have a planned use for it, the home weather station is a great device to have. Kids will learn a thing or two from it about science and adults can always benefit from the foresight it offers on the day’s weather conditions.

How much does a Home Weather Station cost?

There are tons of manufacturers out there vying for the title of best. In our experience, the typical home weather station costs anywhere from $30 to $1000. Branding, features, wireless capability, durability and add-ons are the key price drivers. Keep these in mind when picking one out. That way, you can weigh the options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Home Weather StationAcuRite 01512 Pro Color home Weather Station.

AcuRite is a subsidiary of Chaney Instrument Co. which is a huge manufacturer of temperature, time and weather products. They have been in the business for over 50 years and are based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The company is known for its user-friendly products that provide tons of comprehensive data. To date, AcuRite has manufactured everything from rain gauges to wireless weather stations.

One product which has caught the attention of consumers is the AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Home Weather Station. Priced at $149.99, consumers love how it can stand up to extreme weather situations and still reflect accurate data.

Pro Color Display

It would’ve been awkward to call this device Pro Color if it didn’t have a colour display. The display is vibrant and has an auto-dimming function. The screen reflects all the pertinent weather data and also has a wireless signal indicator. That way, you’d know if you strayed a bit far from the sensor.

5-in-1 Weather Sensor

The AcuRite Pro Color is able to measure humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rain and temperature.   It has a powerful wireless range of a maximum of 330 feet and will transmit data every 18 to 36 seconds.
The weather station has an automatic self-emptying rain collection cup so it can continually record rainfall accurately without you remembering to empty the old fashioned rain gauge.

The AcuRite has a long life battery – 2 years battery life before you need to change. The device has a 2-year battery life and is built to withstand tough environmental conditions. It also comes with mounting bracket and hardware for easy installation. AcuRite has an excellent reputation of designing and manufacturing quality product and you will find that all their models are is built to withstand tough environmental conditions.

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AcuRite 02032CRM Pro Weather Station with PC Connect, Weather Ticker, Rain and WindUnder
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Data Management

Data can be stored and organized according to year, month, day or all-time. In order to keep data current, the sensor sends data every 18 to 36 seconds. With a wireless range of 100 meters, you can view the data in the comforts of your own home without the need to step outside.

An added bonus of the device is its statistical information. It is able to display record lows and record highs for the week, for the month or all-time.


With a 1-year limited warranty, you definitely have enough time to tinker with the device and see how it plays out in your household.

Conclusion – Acurite Home Weather Station

The AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Home Weather Station is extremely easy to install. Consumers love how it’s very user friendly and provides exactly what data they need.

Ambient Weather Wireless Advanced Home Weather Station
Ambient Weather, based in Arizona, is an operational weather station that also manufactures software and other products. Being a weather station puts them in the best position to market their products. Their personal home weather stations are highly acclaimed and feature top of the line technology. A good example of the output is the $39.99 WS-1171A Wireless Weather Station.

Multiple Weather Sensor

The WS-1171A is able to monitor dew point, humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The sensor requires 2 pieces AAA batteries and it is recommended that these be Lithium. The wireless sensor can broadcast data to the receiver as long as it is within 30 meters.


The receiver boasts a huge LED that provides all necessary information in an easy-to-read format. The receiver requires 3 pieces AA batteries and the battery level is shown on the screen for easy monitoring. In the event you want to hang the display on the wall, sufficient hardware is provided in the package.

The display has nifty forecast icons that can quickly tell you what the weather is going to be. Come night time, a temporary backlight is triggered so you can still view the data even at night.

Additional Features

This home weather stations also doubles as a clock. It is fitted with an atomic clock that automatically syncs itself with the U.S. atomic clock. Additionally, there are also alarm and snooze functions included.

Conclusion for Ambient Weather WS-1171A Wireless Advanced Home Weather Station

The Ambient Weather WS-1171A Wireless Advanced Home Weather Station is ridiculously cheap. There aren’t that many wireless weather stations available in the market that can compete with it. Aside from offering fantastic value for your money, the device manages to cover all the important functionality expected of home weather stations. This makes it a very good find.